Stainless Steel Handy Jug


- Vacuum-insulated stainless double wall for high temperature and tasty retention
- Super clean finished process
- Open/close lock on push lever
- Hot and cold retention

Capacity Model No.

Stylish Stainless Steel Handy Jug

This pot make it happy to eat lunch and dinner with your family and friend.
Selectable the color from white and brown, design match with the table.

Vacuum-insulated stainless double wall

1. Remove layers of hot and cold by vacuuming.
2. Put copper / metal foil between inner and outer bottle to reflect heat energy into inner bottle like mirror.*

One push removable lid / Wide mouth 7.5cm

One push removable lid by one hand.
Wide mouth make it easy to clean inner side and put an ice inside.
Washable because between body and bottom part is welded by laser. Available to keep clean for a long time.
Open/close lock on push lever.

Super clean finished process

The Super Clean interior finish creates a smooth shiny surface.
This makes it tough against stains and odors and can be cleaned with ease.